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Aurea Adds Onyx, Pivotal, And Saratoga Software To Build A Path To The Cloud For Legacy CRM Users


Aurea Software Inc., the “Netflix of business software,” announced it is adding three new customer relationship management (CRM) products — Onyx, Saratoga, and Pivotal — to its Future of Commerce suite. Aurea is focused on acquiring mature and highly functional CRM products that have seen little recent innovation, then adding cutting-edge cloud-based technologies to give customers the best of both worlds: stable, proven technology and next-generation innovation.

“We know many on-premise CRM customers — those that host CRM software on the company’s own server — want the innovation of the cloud, but don’t want the complex, expensive, and risky migration that often comes with it,” said Scott Brighton, CEO of Aurea. “We’re creating a risk-free, state-of-the-art cloud CRM platform that will allow Aurea customers to continue to use legacy CRM infrastructure while incrementally adding new cloud benefits that work with existing technology.”

The Onyx, Pivotal, and Saratoga software will help customers that aren’t ready to fully migrate to the cloud because their legacy CRM technology is deeply rooted in their organization, meaning they cannot completely rip it out or replace it, but also understand that their CRM cannot remain stagnant.

These additions to Aurea’s unlimited software library demonstrate the company’s commitment to enabling B2B organizations to create personalized, buyer-centric experiences that rival those from B2C. Customers across every vertical want to buy even the most complex products and services in ways that are as easy as ordering from Amazon. To offer that level of service — and meet customer expectations — Aurea is building the Future of Commerce Cloud.

Aurea’s Future of Commerce suite, which includes more than a dozen software solutions like Infer and FirstRain, already enables B2B salespeople and marketers to target and engage prospects across the entire sales and marketing funnel more intelligently.

Aurea serves 3,000 of the world’s largest enterprises through its unlimited software library, and current users of Onyx, Pivotal, and Saratoga will now have full access to it. As with other library subscription services like Netflix and Spotify, Aurea customers pay a single subscription fee to use every one of its cloud-based, enterprise-scale products. Therefore, every time software is added, now or through a future acquisition, customers have access to it immediately at no additional cost.

About Aurea:

Aurea helps global businesses accelerate digital transformation through unlimited access to the world’s first business software library, which includes solutions that enable the Future of Commerce, work, and IT. Our customers enjoy access to every product in our portfolio, all of which are cloud-based, enterprise-scale, and easy-to-use with one simple subscription. Our unique operating model and acquisition strategy grows our software portfolio every year, creating unparalleled value and unlimited possibility. For more information, visit

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