News | July 25, 2019

DealerPeak Launches 'Max Desk' Desking Tool To Improve Customer Buying Experience

Improving the speed and accuracy of new and used car sales is the key to enhancing today’s customer buying experience. Leveraging over 20-years of CRM and automotive dealership experience, and years of mobile first technology development, DealerPeak, LLC recently launched a new desktop and mobile desking solution that completely automates the car buying experience. The new mobile-first desking tool, Desk Max™, is featured in DealerPeak’s suite of car dealership mobile CRM solutions, customized for dealerships of different size and scope.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) - While most car dealership CRM’s offer desking solutions, none of them are equipped with the mobile first technology that fully automates the deal making process via a tablet or other mobile device, along with desktop compatibility. DealerPeak’s Desk Max desktop, web and tablet desking solution permits users to log-in customers, add vehicles of interest, and complete the trade-in process with three simple scans. Additionally, users can desk deals, pull credit, amend deal structure, pull credit, and start the deal process directly from the lot.

This revolutionary platform was designed and developed by the technology team at DealerPeak, led by Chief Product Officer Rick McLey. DealerPeak, LLC debuted in 1999, with a primary task to support a 17-location automotive franchise that was rapidly expanding. Over the past few years, DealerPeak has been focusing on developing mobile first technology, to create practical solutions several of their consumers have been seeking.

The Desk Max mobile desking solution is powered by strategic partnerships with companies including 700Credit, which permits the user to access their soft-pull technology to begin the sales process. Additional partnerships with Dealertrack, Automate DMS Deal Push, Autosoft, CDK Global, Reynolds & Reynolds, and others provides complete DMS integration.

Each of these tools built into Desk Max returns all rebates and rates, for purchases and lease deal structures. It checks rebates for compatibility to insure little to no rebate charge backs. The infusion of these tools permits dealers to create the best deals for themselves and the customers out of the gate.

“Most car dealer CRM’s offer a watered-down desking solution – that’s not good enough for our valued clients,” noted Rick McLey. “DealerPeak has leveraged our mobile first technology to create a tablet and mobile desking solution that completely automates the deal. This type of flexibility gives dealerships the ability to roll payment options, change banks, amend terms and review all rebates from their tablet or mobile device. It also automatically checks compatibility to minimize the potential of rebate chargebacks.”

“Our ultimate goal was to develop mobile first CRM solutions for car dealerships that will enhance the customer buying experience,” McLey added. “With complete DMS integration, the ability to process new car lease and purchases, include city, county, and state tax structures, and print all documents directly from the lot, along with complete device integration, we’ve created a robust and complete car dealership CRM solution. We’re excited to offer this mobile first desking technology in each of our DealerPeak Evolution solutions.”

The DealerPeak mobile first technology powers each of our Car Dealership CRM solutions including,, and our new DealerPeak Classic platform. Each is custom designed for different sized dealerships. All DealerPeak solutions are supported by a team of technical guru’s that have extensive car dealership experience. Their practical car dealership knowledge combined with technical expertise allows them to provide real-world solutions that are easy to follow and comprehend.

To learn more about DealerPeak’s desktop and mobile desking tool, Desk Max™, please visit our website.

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