News | June 29, 2009

Intelestream And GrinMark Partner To Provide Microsoft Office Addin For Open Source CRM Customers


The Partnership will allow Intelestream to provide enhanced CRM functionality to the North American Open Source CRM market.

Chicago, IL (PRWeb) -- Intelestream, Inc., the leader in Open Source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consulting, today announced the company has formed a strategic partnership with GrinMark to provide North American customers with the Microsoft Office Addin for SugarCRM, intelecrm™, and info@hand applications. Intelestream will also offer other Grinmark software solutions including the Activities Monitor, Travel Calendar, and GrinMark Machine Parks.

"We recommend GrinMark's Microsoft Office Addin because it is affordable and integrates the entire suite of MS Office applications with the open source products we support," states Intelestream's CEO Jason Green. "Up until recently, this market has been dominated by cost-prohibitive applications with limited functionality. GrinMark finally changes that with a richer functioning product for half the price."

"A GrinMark / Intelestream partnership makes a lot of sense. We have developed a great product and now Intelestream can help us by expanding it deeper into the Open Source CRM arena, where Intelestream is well respected as a leading player," states GrinMark CEO Alexey Grinevich.

Functionality: Microsoft Office Addin for SugarCRM, intelecrm™, and info@hand

Intelestream recommends the addin as an affordable solution for users that depend heavily on both MS Office and Open Source CRM applications when doing business. The solution, which seamlessly integrates the two environments, has a rich functionality that includes the following:

Outlook Integration:

  • Contact Synchronization
  • Email Archiving to multiple objects within the CRM
  • CRM Lead Creation from within Outlook

Archiving Microsoft Office files to multiple Objects within the CRM:

  • Supported file types include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project, and Visio

Advanced GrinMark Activity Monitor:

  • Central portal for monitoring all Calls, Meetings, Tasks, and Reminders
  • Allows multiple users to observe activities

Create Mail Merge documents with MS Word adding data automatically from the CRM:

  • MS Word templates stored centrally in the CRM Documents module
  • Finished documents sent to recipients with Outlook, archiving a copy to the CRM

Integration with Windows Explorer "Send To" menu:

  • PDF documents, images and other files could be archived to the CRM directly from Desktop or other folder window

Service and Availability of The GrinMark Microsoft Office Addin:

The GrinMark MS Office Addin is available for purchase through Intelestream as part of a CRM implementation package or as a stand-alone product. The floating software license allows a single user to log on at home, at work, or on the road.

The application can be customized by Intelestream to meet the needs of virtually any use case.

Additionally, The GrinMark MS Office Addin is available for Intelestream's affordable and remotely hosted intelecrm™ product. More information, including the scheduling of a free demo, can be obtained by visiting or by calling the company directly at (800)391-4055.

About Intelestream Inc.
Intelestream Inc. is a Chicago based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product development and consulting firm that offers solutions related to business processes and CRM technology. Intelestream is the creator of the esteemed intelecrm™ application and specializes in the deployment of custom tailored CRM solutions for individual organizations, the development of industry specific software verticals, and value added enhancements to open source CRM software applications. With Intelestream's diverse team of experts in both business and technology, the company is made up by many of the brightest minds in the CRM industry.

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