Product/Service, based on Vantage Point, available as a subscription based workforce management solution for the smaller customer...

Internet subscription service based on Vantage Point.

The new service provides Vantage Point's full database, forecasting and scheduling functionality over the Web by affordable monthly or yearly subscription, eliminating the need for call centers to purchase, install and maintain the system in-house. It also includes a Web portal that enables agents to access their work schedules and request modifications online. is designed for call centers with fewer than 100 agents, outsourcers that partition their operations into comparably sized teams, and internal or external call centers with a mobile workforce.

Using the same engines as Vantage Point, the service enables supervisors to calculate future staffing demands, run complex "what if" scenarios, implement skills-based routing for optimal call handling, and generate staff schedules reflecting seasonal changes, day-to-day variations in peak load, and special promotions that will increase incoming calls. Supervisors also have instant online access to all reports and call volume histories.

The Web portal allows agents to view their schedules, request modifications or vacations, sign up for overtime, exchange schedules with other agents, and report absences over the Internet without taking supervisors' time by phone. Supervisors can approve requests, make schedule changes, and record exceptions with a click.

The service can be accessed from any computer via Web browser. It eliminates upfront investment, long implementations, internal IT staff involvement, and long-term commitment. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are priced on a per-agent and per-supervisor basis.