Download | October 5, 2011

A Sales Paradox: Why Your Sales Force Needs Fewer Leads

Source: PointClear, LLC

By Dan McDade, CEO, PointClear & Author of "The Truth About Leads" as seen in MarketingProfs August 26, 2011

Yes, we're seeing signs of economic recovery, but we're not there yet. And other market trends are making it even tougher for sales teams to hit revenue goals.

Leveraging social media, an abundance of valuable content, and peer recommendations, buyers are self-educating and now driving the buy/sell process once controlled by field sales. Buyers today are making purchasing decisions in a more deliberate manner, and reps are reporting longer sales cycles.

As a result, sales teams are missing revenue targets, and sales executives are looking for ways to boost sales performance and drive more revenue. Their first impulse is to cry out, "We just need more leads," and turn to high-volume lead generation with the hope that some will turn into sales. After all, it's only logical that more leads will generate more opportunities and more sales, right?

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