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Editorial Submission Information    

All submissions should be forwarded electronically to: info@crmmarketplace.com
Acceptable formats include: HTML, Microsoft Word (.doc or .rtf) file, ASCII Text File, or text included in e-mail body.

Editorial Criteria
Prior to being added to the library, your submissions will be screened by our Web site editorial team to ensure the information is truly editorial and not simply self-serving to the company. CRM Marketplace reserves the right to deem any submission as unacceptable... this decision is final, however at your request we are willing to provide suggestions on what can be done to improve upon an article.

If you are unsure if an editorial submission meets our criteria consider the following: All submissions must contain answers to the following questions:

  1. What was the initial problem attempting to be solved?
  2. What possible solutions were investigated?
  3. Which solution was selected? Why?
  4. What kind of results did the company experience as a result of implementing the selected solution?

The point to remember is that viewers come to our site to find a solution to their problems. They come for the value of our content. While it is acceptable to briefly mention a product or company within the article, this should not be the primary focus and should be included as reference information only - unless it is in a "How to" format.