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ABC Evo Unveils Cutting-Edge CRM And Business Intelligence Solutions To Enhance Its Club Management Software

ABC Evo becomes the first platform with business intelligence solutions in the LATAM Market

São Paulo /PRNewswire/ - ABC Evo, the leading provided club management solutions in LATAM, proudly announced the launch of integrated CRM and Business Intelligence solutions at IHRSA Brazil. With the introduction of groundbreaking tools Evo CRM and Evo Insights, gym and fitness operators can now optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and save time and money with solutions that automate customer acquisition and deliver powerful real-time, actionable insights to better understand and manage their business.

Part of ABC Fitness, the world's biggest technology company for the fitness industry, ABV Evo is an integrated club management solution dedicated to Latin America. It is optimized for country-specific payment processing, cost optimization, and customer experience delivered in native languages to help club operations of all sizes. Benefiting from the technology expertise and resources of ABC Fitness, the new CRM and Business Intelligence tools have been developed on proven architecture in use with thousands of fitness businesses around the world.

The new Evo CRM is a native customer relationship management system that redefines how gym and fitness operators interact with their clientele. This powerful tool is engineered to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and foster stronger connections with members. Key features include:

  • Targeted Email/SMS/WhatsApp/Push Notifications Campaigns: Engage prospects and members with personalized and tailored email and text campaigns, ensuring relevant content reaches the right audience at the right time. By leveraging advanced segmentation and analytics, gyms can craft impactful messages that resonate with each individual's unique needs and preferences.
  • Smart Automation - Clubs capture and close leads faster and up-sell current members more efficiently with robust segmentation capabilities and trigger-based automated communication via Phone, Email, WhatsApp, and SMS text.
  • Referral Marketing Program: Drive membership growth and foster a loyal customer base with ABC EVO's innovative referral marketing program. Empower existing members to become brand advocates, incentivizing them to bring in new customers while earning exclusive rewards, creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders.
  • Integrated Social Media Tracking: Strengthen your gym's online presence by harnessing the power of social media listening and monitoring with an integrated partner solution.

In addition to the game-changing CRM, ABC Evo introduces Evo Insights, the proven Business Intelligence (BI) solution, already available in North America, to Evo customers.

EVO Insights is a data reporting/DWaaS (Data Warehouse-as-a-Service) solution that empowers fitness professionals with data-driven decision-making capabilities, offering comprehensive analytics and in-depth reporting features. Leveraging data from over 2,600 clubs, it provides a 360-degree view of a business, by profit center, location, member segment, and more, with one-click analysis for improved decision-making.

  • Access Real-time Performance Metrics: Gain instant access to essential business metrics, empowering gym operators to make well-informed decisions swiftly. Whether it's member acquisition rates, class attendance, or financial data, Evo Insights provides a comprehensive overview of the gym's performance at any given moment.
  • Identify Trends and Opportunities: Utilize advanced data analytics to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities within the fitness industry. Armed with this knowledge, operators can capitalize on emerging trends, stay ahead of competitors, and ensure the best possible experience for members.
  • Streamline Operations: Operators can optimize operations by identifying areas of improvement and potential bottlenecks. By analyzing data across different aspects of the business, gym owners can implement targeted strategies for enhanced efficiency and overall growth.

"We believe in the power of data in growing businesses," said Paulo Akiau, President of ABC Evo, "In order to assess their business performance, club operators spend 1.5 hours a day on average collecting data from multiple software solutions. Evo Insights provides a faster way for businesses to make smarter decisions with enhanced capabilities to collect and interpret data analytics within a single integrated solution. With Evo CRM, we bring similar savings in time and money to the member acquisition and management process. We are excited to bring both these market-leading solutions to customers as we continue to help them grow their business."

Since its acquisition by ABC Fitness in 2019, the ABC Evo has grown nonstop, even throughout the pandemic, achieving more than 154% growth in revenue. Now, it is the largest technology platform for gyms and studios in Latin America, serving more than 5,500 clubs in 15 countries, including boxing, CrossFit, martial arts, Pilates, yoga studios, and health clubs. Demonstrating its leadership in LATAM, 23 of the 25 largest gym chains in Brazil leverage ABC Evo as its trusted technology partner.

"We are very proud to see Evo's continued growth and development in providing enhanced club management solutions to the Latin American market following our rebrand and integration of ABC and all its platforms," commented Bill Davis, CEO of ABC Fitness, "With the power of integrated ABC ecosystem, we can achieve great things by bringing proven solution to the market faster than ever, like bringing Business Intelligence and Evo's proven management solutions together to better serve the fitness industry in LATAM."

About ABC Fitness
ABC Fitness (ABC) is the market-leading software and services provider for fitness businesses globally. Founded in 1981, it has 40+ years of track record of helping fitness operators of all sizes anywhere in the world turn their visions of fitness into seamless reality. It provides solutions to simplify the business of fitness: from sales and marketing communications to booking and engagement apps, operations, and business intelligence to revenue management and payment processing.

From personal trainers, boutique studios, and gyms to international franchise health clubs, ABC Fitness provides tailored solutions to various segments of the fitness industry through its dedicated yet complementary and integrated platforms - ABC Evo, ABC Glofox, ABC Ignite, and ABC Trainerize. Together, ABC currently helps 31,000 clubs in over 92 counties, collectively serving more than 38 million members around the world. Each year it processes more than $10.5 billion in payments.

ABC Fitness is a Thoma Bravo portfolio company; a leading private equity firm focused on investing in high-growth software and technology companies. Learn more at or

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