News | June 5, 2020

ACMA Launches First CRM Designed Exclusively For Medical Affairs/MSLs In The Life Sciences Industry

New Platform Enables Medical Affairs Teams to Deepen Engagement with Healthcare Key Opinion Leaders

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - The Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA) today announced the public availability of its medical CRM, ACMA Engage™. The company designed the new customer relationship management platform based on input from medical affairs and technology leaders across the life sciences industry. The system is focused entirely on the goals and activities of field medical and headquarters-based medical affairs teams.

"Medical affairs and medical science liaison (MSL) leaders told us they needed a CRM system designed for them from inception that can help them better manage both their key opinion leader relationships and other in-house activities," said ACMA Founder and CEO, Dr. William Soliman. Older CRM platforms were overly complicated and adapted from systems originally intended for pharma sales and marketing teams. Even with significant customization, those systems still didn't have the features that medical science liaisons and other medical affairs team members required to meet the needs of thought leaders.

"Medical science liaisons (MSLs) and other medical affairs team members work with influential healthcare providers (HCPs), regulators, payers and patient advocates to disseminate new clinical data and other scientific information-they need a system designed for them," said Dr. Sotirios Stergiopoulos, MD, BCMAS, President & CEO, A2A Pharmaceuticals. They are also responsible for collecting information that will provide their teams with a better understanding of unmet therapeutic needs, potential new uses for existing products and other scientific insights. Medical affairs teams serve a key role in scientific communication throughout the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostics industries.

"Medical science liaisons (MSLs) need tools that allow them to reliably provide real scientific value to key opinion leaders," said Adam Bianchi, the ACMA's brand director. ACMA Engage is the next generation in medical CRM capability for the pharma, biotech, devices, and diagnostics industry. The system is intuitive for MSLs capturing their KOL interactions, presenting the latest scientific data, planning their daily activities and analyzing data to better predict future needs.

ACMA Engage™ can both integrate with currently used pharma CRM platforms and also includes traditional features such as contact information, territory planning, activity management and administrative reporting. But the medical affairs CRM goes far beyond this with sophisticated features such as instant access to scientific resources, multi-source KOL profiles, medical information request tracking, integrated mapping, outcomes-based education modules, clinical trials management, advanced analytics and a 360-degree view of compliant KOL communication.

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About the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs
The ACMA's mission is to help medical affairs professionals achieve the highest standards for excellence. The company provides a comprehensive solution suite to medical affairs teams around the globe. The company's flagship Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist (BCMAS) professional certification program for MSLs and Medical Affairs professionals is the industry standard now in over 40 countries. The ACMA also provides medical CRM, AI-powered predictive analytics, medical information outsourcing, prior authorization certification, and medication safety and regulatory affairs services.

Source: Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs

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