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Affinity Plus Elevates Member Experience With NovelVox's Advanced Contact Center Solutions For Credit Unions

Affinity Plus, a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution based in Iowa, USA observes 1.5 times faster call resolutions and a 30% boost in agent productivity with NovelVox's industry-optimized contact center solutions.

Roswell, GA /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - When members interact with a bank or a credit union contact center, they expect to receive swift and personalized responses rather than going through a repetitive and time-consuming process that validates their identity every time they connect and puts them on hold while the agent on the other hand manually searches the member records in multiple apps. Affinity Plus, a leading Credit Union in the USA addressed these common contact center challenges and decided to fix them before they impact their key contact center performance metric - Customer Experience.

Understanding the challenges
The contact center agents at Affinity Plus were using siloed systems: Cisco Finesse for handling member interactions and JHA Symitar for managing member records. As a result, agents had to stay logged into both applications separately and switch screens each time a member interaction was received.

This constant screen toggling resulted in -

  • Longer call handling times, as agents spent more time validating member information across siloed applications.
  • Information repetition, forcing members to validate their identity, and account details during each interaction
  • Decreased agent productivity due to the cognitive load of navigating multiple interfaces

To address these challenges, Affinity Plus joined hands with NovelVox to offer agents a unified workspace for all member interactions - eliminating the need for constant screen toggling between Cisco Finesse and JHA Symitar.

How NovelVox Transformed Member Experience for Affinity Plus Credit Union

By offering credit-union optimized, advanced contact center integrations for -

  • Unified agent experience - Agent Accelerator was introduced to the agent's workspace - offering an optimized and unified view of member information. This integrated workspace brought all business applications into a single screen, allowing agents to access all necessary member information seamlessly. Additionally, the industry-optimized templates and services helped them onboard faster and made the transition smoother.
  • Effortless voice authentication - Affinity Plus' agent workspace was integrated with Pindrop, a leading voice authentication application in the contact center industry. The integration empowered the agents to validate a member's identity right on a live call using risk-based scores (High Risk, Moderate Risk, and Low Risk - indicating potential risks of a fraudulent profile). This not only reduced the time spent on validating member information but also assured agents of speaking with the right person.
  • Seamless agent monitoring - To ensure agent performance during live calls is being monitored effectively, Affinity Plus introduced NovelVox's Supervisor Desktop to the contact center. The integrated workspace optimized for Supervisors offered a comprehensive view of agents, queues, and overall contact center performance, making it easy to keep an eye on performance thresholds. It also enabled supervisors to silently monitor agents during live calls and offer assistance when and where required.

Recalling the collaboration with Affinity Plus, Amit Gandhi, CEO of NovelVox states "It's easy to integrate business applications that are widely used like CRM and Ticketing Systems as the APIs are mostly available for integration which can then be used to unify data from multiple apps. However, in banks and credit unions, the picture is not the same. They usually work with core apps like JHA Symitar, FIS, Fiserv, etc - that offer limited exposure when it comes to API integration. Our partnership with Affinity Plus shares the same base. With Agent Accelerator, Supervisor Accelerator, and Voice Authentication Integration - NovelVox has offered Affinity Plus a Credit Union-optimized workspace that empowers the teams and elevates member experience. We look forward to sharing a long-lasting relationship with the organization for continuous improvement and innovation."

About Affinity Plus
Affinity Plus is a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution based in Iowa, USA. At its core, it is a bank that puts members first. It has over $500 million in assets, nearly 14,000 members, and over 70 years of experience in serving members in the greater Des Moines and central Iowa region.

About NovelVox
NovelVox is a global software company developing flexible, optimized Contact Center Solutions for Cisco, Webex, Avaya, Genesys, Five9, Zoom, 8*8, Dialpad, and Amazon Connect contact centers for over 15 years. With over 330 global deployments across verticals, including banking, telecoms, healthcare, government, education, and retail, NovelVox is redefining agent and customer experience for improved agent productivity and brand loyalty.

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