News | May 21, 2019

Arvato Introduces BEN - An AI Driven Voice Assistant That Delivers Benefit And Provider Information

Arvato has developed an AI driven voice assistant, which supports members in easily finding their member specific information by just asking a question via voice interface. The platform solution covers benefit and provider information, as well as content for all general FAQs. The aim is to improve the accessibility of information, increase member satisfaction and avoid calls to the customer care center.

Valencia, CA /PRNewswire/ - "In the complex world of healthcare benefits, members want an easy and quick answer to their most pressing questions. Instead of calling in or searching online, our smart assistant follows this trend and offers the most convenient way to find your information," says Stephan Hackert, Head of Corporate Information Management Arvato U.S.

The smart assistant distinguishes itself from the existing conversational user interfaces by a strong learning algorithm. This self-learning functionality gives the user the opportunity to ask a broader range of questions and to master more complex tasks, such as asking clarifying questions and identifying personal preferences depending on the member approval. The basic functionality covers all benefits at the plan level, along with the FAQs. An enhanced version is capable of providing predictive analysis and accessing member data and the provider network with direct links to navigation. The fully customizable tool integrates easily with existing member portals, browser--or app-based--services.

The platform solution allows for quick implementation based on an existing mapping of benefits and geo-location services. Adding health insurance and plan specific information can be done via different formats and is fully automated. Arvato's long term experience in handling provider data ensures a safe and fast integration if a provider search should be added.

Source: Arvato Bertelsmann Supply Chain Solutions

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