News | February 21, 2019

Bosch Enables Emergency Call Outside The Car

New Sfara solution expands eCall service

Bosch Service Solutions, the leading solution provider for mobility services, is expanding its eCall service beyond the car. Thanks to a new app users can trigger an automatically generated emergency call outside of a car, for example from a bicycle, electric scooter, motorcycle or bus. This is made possible through cooperation with American mobile security solutions provider Sfara which developed this app-based technology. Drivers and providers of eCall services, such as car manufacturers, fleet managers and vehicle insurers, all benefit equally from the expanded solution. The services are available worldwide with immediate effect.

“This solution complements our eCall service. It connects seamlessly the sensors from the smartphone with our mobility service experts, as well as a network of emergency response centers. The result is a fast, high-quality service that covers the whole world,” explains Catrin Möhwald, Head of Global Sales and Business Development for Mobility Services at Bosch Service Solutions. This new technology can be used anywhere in the world and can be tailored to the specific customer needs. The Bosch eCall service is currently available in over 50 countries and 16 languages.

Seamless And Comprehensive Safety Solution
The smartphone technology developed by Sfara allows users to take the functionalities of an eCall and emergency call with them wherever they go, whether traveling on foot, by bicycle, electric scooter, motorcycle or car. For this, the technology combines the data from the various sensors installed in the smartphone, such as the acceleration and GPS sensors. In addition to the smartphone automatically detecting and reporting an accident, users can now receive help in the event of personal emergencies. If the person taps the smartphone surface three times, the app automatically initiates an emergency call by sending the relevant data, whereupon a Bosch mobility service expert will call back and, if necessary, alert the emergency response center directly.

New Mobility Calls For New Approaches
“There is no doubt that the way people move is changing,” says Erik Goldman, CEO of Sfara Inc. “Car sharing, electric cars and automated vehicles have long since started a revolution in mobility. In addition to connected cars, many non-networked vehicles, bicycles, electric scooters, motorcycles and pedestrians will continue to share the roads. That’s why we need to rethink security. Our solutions seek to give people a digital guardian angel at their side that they always carry with them in their smartphone.”