News | July 27, 2017

Cebod Technologies LLC dba DIDforSale Announces Integration With SalesForce And Vtiger Customer Relationship Management Systems

Noted VoIP telephony service provider DIDforSale is pleased to announce a key expansion of their service, offering SalesForce and Vtiger CRM integration applications.

Irvine, CA /PRNewswire/ - DIDforSale, a trusted provider of VoIP based communication solutions for businesses, is expanding their service to include integration with SalesForce and Vtiger Customer CRM systems by end of August. This crucial enhancement of service by the company will pave the way for their clients to streamline and optimize customer experience management.

The integration of DIDforSale with SalesForce and Vtiger will enable their clients to connect calls with their CRM data. With 'Click to Call' functionality, the agents can easily initiate calls from within the CRM without manual dialling. In case of an incoming call, the agents will receive a pop-up on their screens with important caller information in real-time. Instead of carrying out updates on customer details after the call, the agents will be able to do this during the call. This will allow them to spend more time on the phone with their prospects and customers.

Businesses will benefit from these integration applications by reducing the hold time of their agents and increasing the number of calls handled per agent. This, in turn, will make a significant impact on agent productivity and availability. The advanced reporting capability of this integration application will equip call center managers with all necessary tools to manage their teams more efficiently.

"Our goal is to offer one stop solution for enterprises. In today's world, most companies want to build hybrid communication applications for different departments and campaigns," said Jai Rangi, the CTO of DIDforSale. "Investing in different technologies and building platform for each application is not only very expensive, but it also takes a long time to develop and deploy those solutions. The application is currently under review by SalesForce and shall be available in App Exchange in the next few weeks and will be easily integrated with the company's existing CRM, cutting the deployment period drastically."

About DIDforSale: DIDforSale is a subsidiary of Cebod Technologies LLC, based in California, USA. The company provides top notch communication service to the customers at an affordable rate. With their CPaaS platform, DIDforSale offers simple solutions with robust functionality for voice, SMS and SIP connectivity. This platform helps users create custom business communication solutions without having the actual communication platform/infrastructure. For more information:


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