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Deltapath Revolutionizes Customer Experience In Cooperation With Zendesk, Inc

Zendesk customers can now benefit from integrated telephony within their Zendesk Dashboard

San Jose, CA /PRNewswire/ - Deltapath, a pioneering Unified Communications (UC) company, proudly announces the launch of its Deltapath Talk solution, designed to upgrade the user and customer experience within Zendesk. With this strategic integration, Deltapath empowers businesses to seamlessly merge communication technologies with Zendesk, unlocking a new era of customer engagement and operational efficiency.

In today's dynamic business landscape, customer experience stands as a linchpin for growth and profitability. A recent report by SuperOffice underscores the significance of customer experience placing it higher than the delivery of a great product and service. In fact, of the organizations surveyed, 81% believe customer experience is the key to gaining a competitive edge. In addition, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for great customer experience. The result of the study seems to be onto something.

Deltapath Talk Integration
The integration of Deltapath Talk with Zendesk CRM for Sales platform and Zendesk Support ticketing platform represents a pivotal advancement in the realm of customer-centric solutions. By seamlessly integrating with Zendesk, Deltapath empowers businesses with a suite of call handling functionalities directly accessible from within the Zendesk interface. Essential features such as call answering, holding, and transferring are seamlessly integrated, streamlining operations and fortifying the user experience. Furthermore, users gain newfound efficiency through a click-to-dial feature directly from Zendesk contacts.

A 360-Degree View of Zendesk Customers
Central to Deltapath's solution is the capacity to present vital customer information to Zendesk users with each incoming call. This real-time data empowers users to initiate meaningful conversations from the moment the call is answered. Throughout the call, Zendesk users can access a comprehensive view of the customer journey, including personal details, active cases, cross-selling opportunities, historical notes, and call logs.

Deltapath Talk is available on Zendesk Marketplace. Install Deltapath Talk for Zendesk Support or install Deltapath Talk for Zendesk Sell.

Comments on the New
David Liu, CEO of Deltapath, remarked, "By integrating communications within Zendesk, we help to automate business processes such as automatically logging a call into Zendesk's database and creating a historical map of a customer. These logs, in tandem with agent notes, not only enhance subsequent interactions but also save time and substantially improve the customer experience. Furthermore, by granting agents a 360-degree customer view the moment they answer a call, we empower them to serve as advocates for the customer, significantly enriching the quality of customer service and business relationship."

About Deltapath
Deltapath is a trailblazing Unified Communications (UC) company at the forefront of enhancing communication and collaboration experiences for businesses. With innovative solutions and strategic integrations, Deltapath empowers organizations to unlock new levels of efficiency, engagement, and customer satisfaction. To learn how we can help you reach your goals, visit and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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