E.piphany E.6 Suite

Source: Epiphany
The E.piphany E.6 suite has delivered proven business results at hundreds of leading global companies. Offering ease of deployment and integration, low total cost of ownership, and demonstrable increases in revenue and profitability, E.piphany E.6 drives measurable and rapid ROI.

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The E.piphany E.6 suite delivers next generation solutions across marketing, sales, and service that are driven by rich, real-time customer intelligence. With E.piphany, organizations can transform the customer experience by enabling front-line interactions that are more intelligent, informed, and consistent. Regardless of channel or touchpoint, each customer interaction represents an opportunity to sell a product, resolve a problem, retain a customer, or otherwise strengthen the relationship opportunities that can be identified and acted upon with E.piphany.

E.piphany E.6 includes three product lines— E.piphany Marketing, E.piphany Sales, and E.piphany Service—each of which is powered by E.piphany's best-in-class customer analytics, E.piphany Insight and E.piphany Interaction Advisor.

Download the complete product sheet now.