News | April 26, 2024

GTPL Hathway Limited Enhances Its Customer Experience With GIVA, An AI-Powered Chatbot

  • GTPL Hathway Limited (GTPL) offers a one-stop solution for all its offerings with the implementation of an NLP-trained multimodal AI chatbot, enabling seamless self-service, sales, and support.
  • The chatbot is conversant in nine languages, enabling hyper-personalised and seamless customer experiences across WhatsApp, GTPL's upcoming new App, website and Facebook page.

Ahmedabad /PRNewswire/ - GTPL Hathway Limited, India's largest Multi-System Operator (MSO), unveiled an enhanced version of its WhatsApp bot, GIVA, integrating advanced AI capabilities. The upgraded bot is designed to automate customer support, enable self-service, and provide after-sales service as part of GTPL Hathway's commitment to drive excellence through cutting-edge digital innovations. Powered by, a global leader in generative AI-powered customer service automation, the intuitive chatbot will deliver seamless, hyper-personalised experiences for the company's 12 million plus Digital Cable TV and a million plus Broadband customer base across India.

Leveraging's Dynamic Automation Platform (DAP), the AI chatbot offers full-fledged customer service automation on WhatsApp as a first step, followed by chatbots on Facebook, and GTPL's website and application. It offers round-the-clock support to both new and existing customers in three languages initially, including English, Hindi and Gujarati which will soon be followed by six additional languages including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Bengali to cater to varying customer preferences. It also enables deep backend integration with CRM, payment gateways, and other existing support systems.

The enhanced GIVA available on WhatsApp will enable the user to make payments using the WhatsApp Pay solution powered by Cashfree Payments. This tailor-made payment integration with Cashfree will allow GTPL subscribers to renew their existing services as well as enable them to subscribe and pay for additional services within the WhatsApp environment.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Anirudhsinh Jadeja, Managing Director, GTPL Hathway Limited said, "The enhanced chatbot GIVA is part of GTPL's ongoing commitment to providing unparalleled service to its customers. This AI-powered chatbot enabled by reflects our commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. By leveraging and implementing advanced technologies, we aim to enhance customer interactions, streamline processes, and set new standards in the industry."

From showcasing GTPL's services across Digital Cable TV and Broadband, giving customised plan recommendations, raising queries, to enabling channel additions, pack upgradation, and purchases, GIVA is capable of efficiently engaging with customers across the stages of their journey.

About GTPL Hathway
GTPL Hathway Limited is India's largest MSO providing Digital Cable TV services and are also one of the leading Private Wireline Broadband service provider in India. We are the largest Digital Cable TV and Wireline Broadband Service Provider in Gujarat & a leading Digital Cable TV Service provider in West Bengal. Our Digital Cable TV services reach 1,500 plus towns across 23 states In India. We collaborate with 42,000+ Business partners and 200+ broadcasters to serve the needs of our 12 Million+ customers. We provide efficient services to 1,750+ enterprise clientele and have actively participated in 30+ Government projects. We offer an enviable catalogue of 940+ Total TV Channels of which more than 50 channels are GTPL Owned & Operated Platform Services. As on March 31, 2024, we have approximately 9.5 Mn Active Digital Cable TV Subscribers and 1.0 Mn Broadband Subscribers with a Broadband Homepass of about 5.80 Mn.

Source: GTPL Hathway