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IP Recording In The Contact Center And Beyond By Greg Sherry, Witness Systems

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Article: IP Recording

IP remains one of the hottest topics in technology and business circles today. Its reach is broad, impacting businesses of all types and sizes – small and large, domestic and international, and in vertical markets across the board. Momentum around the transition to IP telephony environments continues at a steady pace. For some, traditional TDM equipment has run its course, becoming outdated and obsolete. Others are moving from centralized to decentralized models. And some are now gaining greater efficiencies and access to a previously untapped labor pool by introducing work-at-home agents/remote staff to their workforce. IP enables these structures and more.

Couple the growing IP trend with an increasing focus by organizations at the highest levels on such topics as profitability, regulatory/compliance requirements, workforce/staffing, and a renewed commitment to the customer experience – and it's easy to understand why companies continue to prioritize call recording and quality monitoring as strategic investments and staples in their day-to-day operations.

Regardless of the catalysts driving change, few will argue that IP doesn't deliver a range of value and advantage. For many years, organizations looked to IP as a way to reduce costs. However, the benefits associated with the technology extend well beyond dollars and cents. Companies can now leverage the flexibility of IP recording to increase workforce productivity, impact training, support dispute resolution, improve service quality – as well as optimize different functional areas of the business.

As businesses prepare to make the move to IP and IP call recording, three common themes emerge:

  1. protecting technology investments;
  2. enabling remote workers; and
  3. leveraging the benefits of IP recording not just in the contact center, but throughout the enterprise.

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Article: IP Recording

About Greg Sherry
Greg Sherry is Director of Marketing at Witness Systems, a global provider of workforce optimization software and services. Witness Systems is headquartered in Roswell (Atlanta) Georgia. Greg's background includes leading business optimization and service quality initiatives at Verizon Wireless (GTE Wireless). The team Greg led received the highest level annual company award—the annual President's Award—based on measurable contributions to service quality and business optimization. For more information, contact the author at gsherry@witness.com or Witness Systems at info@witness.com.