Mellon Expands On-Line Capabilities with help from Plexus Software

Mellon Global Cash Management is an industry leader known for its innovation and expertise. They design complete solutions through their comprehensive line of cash management services to meet the specialized treasury needs of middle market to large multinational corporations, government agencies, e-commerce enterprises, nonprofit organizations and financial institutions.

One of Mellon's flagship products is iTelecash, an online service that allows companies to more efficiently and effectively conduct treasury functions directly through the Internet. To augment iTelecash's capability in making deposit status available on line, Mellon recently brought in Plexus' PSG as a development partner.

Working from Mellon's Business goals, BacnTec designed and implemented a solution that places the deposit information in front of the customer over the Internet for review as soon as these are received and processed. This information includes check images as well as supporting information and documents including air bill numbers, payment stubs, notes and any correspondence that was received with the payment. This easy on-line access capability greatly assists iTelecash users, such as service representatives, when talking with their company's customers regarding their payment history and status.

Additional functions that were added to iTelechash were the ability to email documents to a recipient, print to hard copy (with the associated audit information), and zoom in/zoom out on the entire image or a user specified portion.

The bottom line? Mellon was able to implement new product features, while allowing their own in-house IT staff to remain focused on daily operations management. The costs of customer support have been reduced and Mellon generates additional revenue by billing for each image that is retrieved and viewed.

This additional revenue stream is possible as clients are willing to pay for the ability to review transactions on-line.