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MPACT Strategic Consulting Modernizes With Unanet GovCon ERP And CRM As Company Prepares For New Growth

Switching to Unanet liberates the firm from siloed off-the-shelf software in favor of a fully integrated digital environment befitting a growing government contractor

Dulles, VA /PRNewswire/ - Unanet, the leading provider of project-based ERP and CRM for government contractors (GovCons), today announced that MPACT Strategic Consulting has selected Unanet's ERP GovCon and CRM solutions to provide the insight into operations and customer data it needs to make key decisions to fuel growth and attract new business.

Headquartered in Houston with multiple satellite offices including New York City, Austin, Texas and Florida, MPACT specializes in providing strategic emergency management and disaster recovery consulting to help communities in the U.S. recover and improve their infrastructure after a large-scale disaster. The firm also offers strategic consulting for grant administration, compliance and monitoring, transportation and mobility, labor and workforce development, project management and case management services.

Spurgeon Robinson, President and CEO of MPACT, has seen the company grow substantially during his 16 years and foresees additional growth based on potential new federal and local government investments and contracts. To position the firm for the expected surge in work, he and MPACT's leadership team saw the imperative to upgrade from siloed, off-the-shelf software systems to a seamless digital environment built on Unanet's robust and fully integrated ERP and CRM solution.

After conducting an extensive search for CRM and ERP platforms, MPACT ultimately chose Unanet's project-based, purpose-built solutions for GovCons over other software based on its user- and mobile-friendly applications and its ability to eliminate several other disparate software systems they were using for project, time and expense management, customer organization and other operations management. The MPACT team believes they will realize cost efficiencies by moving to a single, integrated and feature-rich system that will provide even more operational functionality for the company in the future based on Unanet's innovative product roadmap.

"We're looking at where we want to be versus where we are now," said Robinson. "And that long-term vision is driving our desire to leverage innovative technology. We believe data analytics will not only give us better reporting but will also tell us a story about how we can approach the market better from a customer perspective. Those efficiencies and capabilities are the reason we switched from an off-the-shelf software to Unanet."

In addition to being able to integrate, organize and streamline communication with customer contacts, connect employees and projects and streamline the efficiency of that communication, Ilene Klement, senior manager at MPACT, found Unanet's connection to GovTribe extremely beneficial to their outbound new business and marketing efforts.

Unlike traditional CRM tools, Unanet delivers early market intelligence data powered by GovTribe, which allows GovCons to strategically search, identify and pursue opportunities with specific and deep insights into dates, requirements, estimated award value and past performance. After a project is awarded, GovCons can then manage it with Unanet ERP while still linking back to the CRM data for detailed and fluid project management.

Like MPACT, approximately 70% of GovCons reported experiencing growth last year, according to Unanet's recent GAUGE Report, a widely referenced benchmarking analysis that highlights trends, best practices and business challenges for GovCons. Managing growth and resources are important reasons more GovCons are embracing Unanet. Its solutions offer resource management and forecasting insights that can enhance operational efficiency, facilitate informed decision-making, and drive the achievement of strategic goals.

MPACT plans to implement Unanet as soon as possible so it's ready for new growth.

Today, more than 2,000 GovCons have selected Unanet ERP GovCon and Unanet CRM because the solutions have the right mix of functionality and accessibility while also offering the ability to scale and grow seamlessly. To learn more about Unanet solutions for GovCon, please visit

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About MPACT Strategic Consulting
MPACT Strategic Consulting is a team of specialized advisory and consulting professionals focused on delivering MPACTful solutions and innovation to public and private sector clients, empowering them to achieve measurable and significant performance, financial, and organizational objectives.

MPACT serves multiple industries with a national presence that spans from New York to California, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Puerto Rico. MPACT's strategic growth has enabled the company to successfully position itself with a strong national presence while delivering across its core service lines including Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery; Compliance & Monitoring; Human Services & Case Management; Training & Development, Program Management and Business Consulting Services.

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