News | June 3, 2024

Multichannel Contact Center, Incept, Empowers Frontline Workers With A New Ownership Asset Through Salt Labs

New York. NY /PRNewswire/ - Salt Labs, creator of the first employee rewards and incentives platform for frontline employees, is pleased to announce its partnership with Incept, a leading multichannel contact center in Ohio. Since the partnership's inception in January 2024, Incept has experienced unprecedented improvements in employee engagement, retention and overall performance.

Facing common industry challenges, including high turnover, agent burnout and low productivity, Incept CEO Sam Falletta sought a solution to provide lasting value and motivation for his frontline workers. The partnership with Salt Labs introduced a disruptive approach to traditional rewards and incentives, which empowers employees to act like owners by enabling them to earn a valuable asset, Salt, for working.

"The simplicity and effectiveness of the Salt program have been game-changing for us," Falletta said. "It operates seamlessly with no additional burden on our operations, and its popularity has even prompted our salaried team members to ask for it! Salt has become a part of our company's fabric, where employees set goals for rewards they want to attain in the future, which creates a sense of purpose for their work."

Incept employees earn one Salt for each hour they work. Over time, employees accumulate a balance and set goals to save for meaningful items they choose, such as a college savings fund or stocks they've always wanted to own. They can also exchange their Salt for a special purchase or an unforgettable experience like a family trip. This autonomous experience enables employees to save for the future, stay motivated and become long-term focused. The results have been impressive:

Incept program results:

  • 78% employee adoption rate
  • 61% tenure improvement
  • 75% of all Salt exchanged is for an employee goal

"We're thrilled to be working with a forward-thinking company like Incept that genuinely cares about their employees and customers," said Jason Lee, founder and CEO of Salt Labs. "By giving employees a new asset to own, we are motivating them to act like owners, which allows companies like Incept to fulfill their promise of unparalleled performance and reliability."

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About Salt Labs
Salt Labs offers an employee rewards and incentives platform for frontline workers built to capture the value of work beyond the hourly wage. Its mission is to build long-term employee wealth through a first-of-its-kind earned loyalty asset that leads to higher retention and productivity.

Salt Labs was founded in late 2022 by a team that includes repeat founders Jason Lee and Rob Law, who founded DailyPay, a $2B HR and FinTech company.

About Incept
Incept is an outsourced customer experience solutions company. We strive to bring true conversational marketing back to customer experience, to improve the outcome of customer interactions, promote and protect your brand, and accelerate growth. We are conversation specialists who know how to talk, text, chat, and email with your customers in a meaningful way that drives engagement to deliver real business results. For more information visit

Source: Salt Labs, Inc.

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