News | June 5, 2019

Panviva Amplifies Focus On Customer Experience And Empowers Companies To Master Digital Transformation

Panviva launches industry’s first solution to deliver consistent, personalized knowledge across the omnichannel.

Melbourne, Australia and Boston, MA (PRWEB) - Panviva, a leading omnichannel customer experience company, today announced the launch of Digital Orchestrator – a platform that creates, curates and delivers real-time knowledge to any channel or device a customer or employee chooses to use. It’s the only product that eliminates information and departmental silos with its innovative knowledge ecosystem. The platform delivers responses fit for specific channels, voice, chatbot, mobile, web or augmented reality. Customers demand the ability to connect with organizations anyway, anytime. Now Digital Orchestrator enables organizations to support their customers every step of the way, with real time, contextual and accurate answers to their questions.

In addition, Panviva announced Samantha Middlebrook has joined the company as digital transformation strategist. Her responsibilities will include augmenting the future product vision, leading industry innovation and evangelizing digital transformation best practices and market adoption. Prior to joining Panviva, Middlebrook served as a CX (customer experience) consultant, specializing in knowledge management. She designed and developed one of Australia’s largest knowledge management consulting practice, with a vison of helping companies bridge the gap between business needs and technology trends. Her expertise includes private and government sectors, designing and implementing knowledge strategies to solve CX issues across telco, utilities, finance, health and insurance industries.

Panviva eliminates digital transformation roadblocks.

Digital transformation can no longer just be a future plan. In order for organizations to remain relevant they must start their journey now. International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts global digital transformation spending will reach $1.18 trillion in 2019, an increase of 17.9 percent over 2018. Yet a recent Gartner survey demonstrates 70 percent of all digital transformation initiatives fail to meet their goals, while 51 percent of companies have stalled or abandoned transformation initiatives, according to an International Data Group (IDG) survey. Reports also suggest that of the $1.3 trillion that was spent on digital transformation in 2018, an estimated $900 billion went to waste.

Panviva is leveraging its knowledge management expertise to solve major digital transformation challenges: delivering consistent, and contextually relevant knowledge to any channel or device a customer or employee chooses to use. The ability to serve a contextual intent-based snippet of knowledge to meet a customer’s query makes the platform unique in the industry.

Panviva has future-proofed its solution for the market, ensuring any new device to join the digital CX landscape can easily be integrated into the organization’s knowledge ecosystem. Panviva’s Digital Orchestrator has been designed to connect the digital dots of an organization.

Benefit Highlights Include:

  • Fast tracks omnichannel execution: It simplifies the digital landscape of an organization by orchestrating knowledge across any and all channels. The centralized approach to content curation reduces time, cost and risk of managing knowledge in an omnichannel world.
  • Delivers exceptional, seamless customer experience regardless of channel or device: It allows organizations to bridge the knowledge and service gap across all channels by managing content from a single source of truth – elevating CX and employee experience (EX) capabilities.
  • Curates a consistent message, anywhere, anytime, anyway: It streamlines the authoring of content across an enterprise. Orchestrated from a single source of truth, content is being written once and curated to meet any and all customer, channel and device needs.
  • Breaks down content, governance and system silos: The centralized view of content, encourages knowledge collaboration across the organization, reducing the workload and the complexity of managing multiple workflows, systems and channels. This approach provides transparency across the organization and helps develop an interactive knowledge ecosystem that can be utilized by employees, customers and machines.

“Panviva is solving one of the biggest issues customers are facing in today’s digital era – delivering consistent information tailored for specific channels and devices, without having to create multiple content streams and silos. We have created a knowledge ecosystem that serves up the right information, in real-time, as needed across different channels, allowing companies to get digital transformation right the first time.” Ben Cordeiro, chief technology officer, Panviva.

“Transformation literally means a dramatic change, when you add the word digital in the mix, it’s no wonder organizations are scared. We have a plan to simplify the digital journey for our customers. We know knowledge is at the heart of omnichannel success, and the Digital Orchestrator is going to guarantee the promise of delivering exceptional customer experience.” Samantha Middlebrook, digital transformation strategist, Panviva.

About Panviva
Panviva is reinventing the omnichannel customer experience for businesses and empowering its clients to deliver real-time information to further boost client retention, loyalty and growth in today’s digital era. Only Panviva’s knowledge platform delivers seamless, consistent, personalized and on-demand information – irrespective of the channel or device a customer uses to communicate with a brand. Global companies across multiple industries rely on Panviva to boost their digital transformation initiatives, revitalize their business and enhance customer and employee engagement strategies. For additional details, please visit

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