RightNow Outbound™: EMail Marketing Tool

Source: RightNow Technologies, Inc.

Are you fully leveraging your customer and prospect information to grow customer relationships and increase sales?

To take complete advantage of every email marketing opportunity, you need to deliver individualized, targeted email marketing messages to highly-qualified customers and prospects.

How do you currently manage your customer and prospect lists? Review how you track and measure your campaigns and think about the pressure you're getting from management regarding lead flow, budget and efficiencies. Companies need an easy, efficient way to deliver marketing messages to targeted lists. Successful email marketing results in increased customer retention, greater account penetration and improved sales.

RightNow Outbound, an outbound email solution with out-of-the-box integration to RightNow Service™, enables you to optimize your marketing campaigns by delivering relevant email communications to highly-targeted groups of customers and prospects. You can easily build customized marketing campaigns, target the right lists, test messages through RightNow's patent-pending test cell functionality, manage incoming replies and use real-time analytics to gauge your success.

Combining outbound email functionality with your best customer and prospect data enables you to deliver individualized messages to highly-targeted lists. You create and test compelling email communications without relying on other departments for execution.

Take advantage of customer and prospect information gathered across traditional and online communication channels. By incorporating outbound email marketing, you make all of your actionable multi-channel contact center information available for targeted marketing campaigns.

Successful marketing campaigns can mean a flood of emails to your staff. Flexible business rules through our email response management system allow you to easily handle these replies by routing to the appropriate staff based on content. With powerful analytics you'll quickly understand click-thrus, email open and response rates. These insights allow your team to measure campaign success.

RightNow Technologies supports the worldwide effort to promote best practices in permission-based email and minimize unsolicited email.

RightNow actively works with top ISPs to ensure that we understand their ever-changing email filtering requirements, and our license conditions ban unsolicited commercial email and require friendly means to opt-out of email communications. We can also assist you in ensuring your outbound communications are compliant with the latest anti-spam policies and procedures, taking the burden off you.

In addition to adhering to legislative mandates, RightNow is an active member in Network Advertising Initiative's Email Service Provider Coalition and the Associate of Interactive Marketing's Council for Responsible Email.

With RightNow CORE Services you'll receive advanced planning, development, delivery assistance and design best practices to help your email marketing strategies.

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