RightNow Service™ Customer Service Software

Source: RightNow Technologies, Inc.

How would you describe the customer experience delivered by your organization whether by web, email or phone?

Customers are putting service first. They stay with companies based on their service experience take away. If for any reason your customers feel frustrated, ignored or confused you run the risk of losing their business.

RightNow Service was designed to enrich the customer experience, build loyalty and greatly improve your contact center efficiency while reducing costs.

RightNow Service intelligently assists both your customers and service agents by merging traditional and online channels.

The integration of a single, powerful knowledge base across multiple channels ensures all service related information is complete, accurate and consistently delivered to customers. Universal case management allows you to easily manage all customer interactions and history in one consolidated application.

You provide superior service when your agents use a single application for phone, email, web and chat. RightNow Service puts complete customer histories at the agent's fingertips, no more flipping between applications. Inquiries are resolved consistently, quickly and accurately. At the same time, customer interactions are directed toward less expensive channels such as web self-service and voice-self service.

Direct support inquiries to the best suited agents and your customers will notice improved service levels. RightNow Service provides detailed routing and queuing capabilities for every channel. Your agents even receive suggested answers based on inquiry content. With up-to-date, complete customer data and powerful knowledge tools, you provide your customers consistent and accurate answers—the first time.

With real-time tracking you'll immediately know if customer expectations are being met and if agents are reaching service goals. Service performance management is made easy with powerful service analytics. You'll automatically capture service quality statistics including: average response time, first contact resolution rates, service level achievement rates and agent effectiveness. Reports are easily created or tailored based on your unique business needs by taking advantage of our sophisticated analytics interface. You can even gather specific feedback directly from the customer by incorporating surveys through RightNow Metrics™.

You work hard to provide excellent, efficient service to your customers. Think about the efficiencies that can be gained by applying the same tools and processes internally throughout your organization. When you look at employees, channel partners and outsourced agents as internal "customers" you'll see how a RightNow solution will efficiently distribute information for:

Enhanced productivity

Decreased confusion

Reduced overhead and admin support costs