News | December 9, 2022

Send SMS Messages With The New Hubspot Integration By ProTexting

Plano, TX (PRWEB) - ProTexting, a leading provider of text message marketing services, provides integration with the popular CRM (customer relationship management) platform HubSpot, making it easier for clients of both services to communicate with customers and automate tasks.

ProTexting CTO Petar Kassov explains, "Many of our clients use HubSpot, which provides many useful tools for marketing, communication, SEO, and managing clients. HubSpot integration with our services means that our clients can easily send an SMS message from any HubSpot workflow. This is included in all of our plans." Kassov provides a list of features and benefits clients receive with HubSpot integration.

  • Send messages from HubSpot for any reason, such as creating a new task, qualifying leads, answering questions, appointment confirmations and reminders, contests, and more. ProTexting provides super-fast SMS sending, perfect for large accounts.
  • Global SMS coverage and support for long text messages.
  • Send either individual or bulk messages. When you need to send a personalized message, it can be done manually. For general purposes, such as sending forms, adding new contacts, confirming event registrations, and sending general information, bulk messaging is more efficient.
  • Set up automated SMS responses. This works similarly to automated email responses, triggering a response whenever someone contacts you.
  • HubSpot works with many other ProTexting integrations, such as Google Calendar, MailChimp, Zapier, Amazon, Intercom and many others.
  • Sync contacts and push incoming text messages to your HubSpot account and attach to contacts.
  • Instant access to SMS Toll-Free Number.
  • Account manager accessible via phone and email.

Messaging From HubSpot Workflows
Kassov discusses the advantages of sending SMS messages from HubSpot workflows. "One of HubSpot's most useful tools is the workflow system. Users can set up workflows to automate a variety of work and marketing tasks. Workflows are set up for purposes such as lead nurturing, triggering emails, responding to prospects' queries, and more. Workflows can be especially useful for ensuring prospects and clients get the appropriate content and responses based on where they are in the buyer's journey. Sending a text message can be a powerful way to engage from almost any workflow. Integrating ProTexting and HubSpot allows for quick and efficient messaging directly from any workflow."

Simple For Users to Integrate ProTexting With HubSpot

Kassov points out that ProTexting clients can quickly take advantage of this integration. "It's simple for ProTexting clients to activate HubSpot integration. Anyone who is a client with us and has a HubSpot account can set up the integration for free in seconds by authorizing HubSpot within the ProTexting dashboard."

Watch the YouTube video on how to setup SMS Messaging for HubSpot

About ProTexting
ProTexting, based in Plano, Texas, have been offering a comprehensive suite of text messaging services that are used by businesses and organizations across many industries for almost two decades. HubSpot integration is one of many apps and features ProTexting clients can use for lead generation, customers service, appointment reminders, sending polls and surveys, and many other uses.

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