News | August 8, 2023

SkyCreek Launches Advanced Enterprise Communications Platform

Herndon, VA (PRWEB) - SkyCreek Corp., a leading provider of enterprise customer communication products, announces the launch of its landmark SkyCreek Enterprise Communications Platform (ECP). This single, unified platform offers customer-centric organizations a game-changing solution for orchestrating and delivering multi-channel customer communications using Email, SMS, and IVR. Currently, ECP supports companies and organizations in Telecommunications, Utilities, and Healthcare, that view personalized, relevant, accurate, and time-sensitive customer communications as business-critical. The goal is to create outstanding customer experiences, build brand credibility and loyalty, drive operational efficiencies, and boost ROI.

"The SkyCreek Enterprise Communications Platform is establishing a new standard for customer engagement with an advanced solution that creates, manages, delivers, and analyzes enterprise communications,” said Mark Wilburn, SkyCreek President. “ECP’s robust portfolio of capabilities including centralized management, configurability, and analytics is intended to solve the frustrations and workload experienced by teams in operations, customer experience, marketing, and customer care.”

For customer-centric organizations, ECP enables teams to create, manage, deploy, and analyze communications initiatives like time-critical alerts, appointment reminders, surveys, integrated marketing campaigns, billing reminders, service upgrades, and more.

Unlike similar solutions, ECP offers pre-built integrations for business systems including workforce, billing, CRM, and data ingestion. In addition, it provides existing workflow support, requires no code/low code, streamlines production, and can generate robust and actionable analytics for data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement. ECP is also designed to incorporate OTP and MFA protocols to ensure communications security for all customer touchpoints.

ECP’s configurability enables organizations to create personalized and relevant communications tailored to each customer's preferences and situation. Outreach is conducted on the customer’s channel of choice Email, SMS, or IVR reinforcing a positive customer experience. By understanding and catering to individual needs, enterprises can significantly increase customer engagement and satisfaction. This personalized approach builds stronger relationships with customers, leading to improved loyalty and higher retention rates. Wilburn concluded by saying, “An outstanding customer experience isn’t just a nice detail. It establishes clear company differentiation, builds a devoted customer base, enhances brand reputation, and increases ROI.”

SkyCreek Enterprise Communication Platform is currently sold using a tiered pricing model.

About SkyCreek Corporation
Based in Herndon, VA, SkyCreek Corporation has been involved in the development of leading-edge customer communications solutions since 2003. Their commitment to innovation and customer success has resulted in advanced technologies that empower customer-centric organizations to deliver world-class communications experiences, enhance the customer journey, and drive business growth. SkyCreek supports companies in the Telecommunications, Utilities, and Healthcare sectors. Their customers include Charter, Comcast, AON, Florida Cancer Specialists, Washington Gas, New Jersey Natural Gas, and more.

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