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Solastis Pte Ltd Releases Its CRM With Task Management Solution For Customers Worldwide

SaaS solutions developer based in Singapore releases its CRM solution for businesses

Singapore /PRNewswire/ - Singapore based SaaS company, Solastis Solutions has released the first version of its CRM with task management solution called Solastis CRM+ for customers. Currently, the solution is being offered in beta stage where it is available free of cost (Limited seats only). Solastis CRM platform is easy to use and can be quickly configured as per the business needs. The application is flexible enough to meet the requirements of SMB's as well as large enterprises. Solastis CRM+ is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed over the internet without the hassle of buying, setting up, and managing an infrastructure.

CRM industry is a matured market with close to 26 billion USD worldwide sales last year. However, businesses still experience a constant mismatch between their requirements and the CRM offerings. Many products available today lack functionality and flexibility needed for today's digitally distributed businesses. This gap is what Solastis intends to bridge. Solastis CRM is a functionally strong platform which can be configured within less than an hour, but it is capable of supporting SMBs as well as large enterprises and BPOs.

Solastis CRM Provides Some Features Which Most Of The Other CRMs Don't Provide. Notable Among Them Are;

  • Ability to create Multiple ticket types to represent different business processes in your organisation
  • Ability to implement a basic sequential task management which can be predefined for a case types. The case then passes through these steps sequentially.
  • Two dimensions can be attached to the cases, thereby enabling flexible reporting by territories or organisational units.
  • Solastis CRM also provides strong access control mechanism where you can easily create authorisation roles and control which users get access to what data.

As one of the leading service providers of SaaS solutions in the country, the company is poised with helping businesses harness the benefits of cloud technology by offering software services at affordable rates. The businesses can now look forward to having a strong CRM system at their disposal.

More information about Solastis CRM and the services offered can be found on the website.

About Solastis Solutions Pte Ltd
Solastis Solutions Pte Ltd is a Singapore based SaaS development company specialising in CRM software. The company is backed by promoters with a significant experience in business and IT field.

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CRM Task Management

Solastis CRM includes a basic sequential task management. A task template can be created and assigned to the case.


Authorization Roles

You can specifically authorise users for a specific combination of Organisational unit, territory and case type.


Solastis Solutions Pte Ltd

Solastis solutions Pte Ltd know more about us at


Multidimensional Case Analysis

You can assign two dimensions to the case and then analyse case statistics by these two dimensions.

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