Vantage Point

Vantage Point
Vantage Point, Pipkins' award winning enterprise workforce management software for the large to mid-size call center...

Version 8.0 saves hours of administrative time by automating all processes associated with forecasting, scheduling and reporting as well as e-mailing, exporting and printing the generated information. All functions can now be pre-configured for one-click execution and then launched, completed and even linked together to run in any sequence without manual intervention, whether or not users are physically present. Vantage Point is the only solution with these capabilities.

New features exclusive to Vantage Point include:

  • Intraday schedule re-optimization — Schedules can be re-optimized for breaks, lunches, and accommodations due to last minutes meetings, trainings, or unpredicted events such as a snow storm that decreases the number of agents that can come to work or a federal rate cut that increases the call volume to a mortgage center.
  • Shortcut wizards — Users can pre-configure all operations and save the setups, eliminating the need to repeat the process each time. Operations can then be launched with one click or configured to run automatically at a prescribed time.
  • Pre-scheduled reports — Call volume forecasts, agent schedules and activity reports can now be set to execute automatically on any schedule, allowing work to proceed overnight, while users are on vacation, or at any time without user involvement.
  • Automatic e-mail, export or print — Reports can be automatically e-mailed, exported and/or printed as soon as they are completed, without waiting for manual commands. The system can be configured to automatically e-mail each agent's schedule to a home or work mailbox; e-mail complete reports to staff members, clients or others; export reports in Excel and a variety of other formats; and more.
  • Self-executing sequences — Multiple tasks can be configured to execute in a prescribed sequence without user intervention. For example, the system can generate a forecast, export the report to one group of recipients, e-mail it to another group, and print copies without stopping between tasks for user input. Multiple sequences can self-execute consecutively.

The Windows-based program integrates with leading ACDs, e-mail response systems and other multimedia queuing devices for data collection across multiple sites and time zones. It also provides a full complement of default and custom reports, with an open system design that allows managers to access call center data using any third party SQL reporting package.