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Veeva Unveils Vault CRM, The Next Generation Of CRM For Life Sciences

It provides industry-leading innovations, including an AI-powered CRM Bot, an integrated Service Desk, and all the functionality of Veeva CRM

Barcelona /PRNewswire/ - The Veeva Commercial Summit, North America 2023 During a demonstration kicking off the Veeva Commercial Summit in front of an audience of nearly 1,500 life science leaders today, Veeva Systems unveiled Vault CRM, the next generation of CRM for life sciences. Built on the Veeva Vault platform , Vault CRM offers all the features of Veeva CRM and important innovations, including two new applications: The CRM Bot and the Service Center.

Integrated with Vault CRM, the CRM Bot is an intelligent assistant that improves the productivity of sales and medical teams. The AI ‚Äč‚Äčapplication leverages customer-specific CRM activity data combined with Veeva Link data in a private customer instance. Service Center is an integrated call center application for inside sales and hybrid agents. Service Center is included with Vault CRM at no additional cost and CRM Bot is a separately licensed product integrated with Vault CRM.

“We are excited to deliver the next generation of CRM for life sciences,” said Veeva CEO Peter Gassner. Vault CRM represents Veeva's biggest innovation ever with an AI-powered CRM Bot, integrated call center, and all the functionality of Veeva CRM. With significant advancements in CRM and data applications, Veeva Commercial Cloud provides the industry with a solution designed for today's complex processes and engagement models. »

All Veeva CLM and Veeva CRM Approved Email content will work seamlessly with Vault CRM and Vault CRM uses the same mobile and desktop applications as Veeva CRM. This approach allows companies to benefit from their current investments and future innovation because much of the migration can be automated and no new training is required for end users.

The first customers of Vault CRM are expected to be operational in 2024. The first migrations from Veeva CRM to Vault CRM are planned for 2025, and most companies will migrate between 2026 and 2029. Veeva also announced an expanded business partnership with Accenture to help customers optimize their processes and take advantage of new features as they migrate to Vault CRM.

Vault CRM is part of Veeva Commercial Cloud , a family of software, data, and services aimed at driving commercial excellence in the life sciences. Veeva customers can learn more about Vault CRM at .

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