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Webster Buchanan Research White Paper Reveals Fresh Approach To Customer Relationship Management Initiatives Via Total Customer Management

Consona CRM, a leading provider of total customer management solutions for the enterprise, today announced its sponsorship of a research paper entitled, "Far-sighted Pragmatism: the Third Wave of Customer Management," written by Webster Buchanan Research's Keith Rodgers and David Longworth. The study presents a new approach to total customer management (TCM), combining the early vision of customer relationship management (CRM) with the practicalities of execution needed to generate results in today's CRM initiatives.

According to Rodgers and Longworth: "The mixed success rate of CRM projects over the last decade has left a difficult legacy, fuelling suspicions about new initiatives and prompting many organizations to rein in their ambitions, and in recent years CRM has been much more about tactical projects and short-term goals." The analysts propose that melding the pioneering principles of CRM as a business philosophy with a better understanding of what is achievable and more advanced technology resources will result in truly effective customer management strategy that translates directly to the bottom line.

Today, at the beginning of the third wave of CRM initiatives, Rodgers and Longworth argue that organizations will benefit from the decades of experience in the pursuit of customer-centric business strategies by embracing TCM. Keeping the customer at the core of all organizational activity, TCM spans business process change, effective people management, and new approaches to information and knowledge management, resulting in a series of short-term gains within a long-term framework of strategic, customer-centric initiatives. As part of the TCM philosophy, organizations improve their chances of meeting real customer needs and attaining the anticipated business returns.

"At Consona CRM, we are working to combine products, services, and technology that will serve as the ideal foundation for a TCM initiative in its truest sense," said Tim Hines, vice president of product management for Consona CRM. "We want to be a resource for organizations who wish to place the experience of their customers at the heart of their CRM implementations. Our vision is to remain a partner in the TCM initiative of each and every one of our customers, helping them realize ongoing, tangible results—from improved customer satisfaction to new revenue opportunities."

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