Product Showcase

  1. Jabra GN9125 Series
    The Jabra GN9125 is a wireless headset that works the way today’s in-office professionals work.
  2. Jabra GN9350e
    The dual-connection Jabra GN9350e* wireless headset gives you high performance in both traditional and PC-based telephone environments. That means you can upscale or even replace your telephone system and still keep the same headsets. In short, the Jabra GN9350e provides all the benefits of hands-free mobility in a lightweight, ergonomic, and future-proof design.
  3. Global Bay Lead Capture Management
    Streamline intake of customer leads directly from the field. With mobile lead capture you can respond to potential customers faster, substantially increasing your deal closure rate.
  4. MobileFrame Field Sales Automation Solutions
    MobileFrame's Field Sales Automation Solutions provide instant visibility into back office sales data and information for managing your sales organization across the entire field sales supply chain — from the customer, sales representative, and service technician to the supplier, and beyond.
  5. Global Bay Line Busting: Mobile Point-Of-Sale
    Line Busting POS module incorporates the power and functionality of a traditional POS workstation into a mobile device and allows you to service customers anywhere within the store. The solution allows you to complete all the functions you would typically complete on your legacy POS system with the additional benefit of deployment flexibility, based on customer traffic and busy periods.
  6. Global Bay Field Sales / CRM Integration
    AP MIMS Field Sales / CRM Integration increases sales force ROI by changing the paradigm in which mobile sales forces handle interactions with their customers. AP MIMS arms field sales staff with three basic, yet fundamental, data points: Customer Information & Purchasing Habits, Product and Competitor Information, and Mobile Point-of-Sale Capabilities. With this fingertip intelligence, field sales staff are able to improve customer service, increase revenue, and expedite sales processing and cash flow.
  7. Two Technologies JETT•ce Hand Held Computer
    Designed for one-handed operation, the JETT®•ce features a powerful Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET 4.2 operating system, Intel® XScale® Technology Processor, color sunlight readable display with touch screen technology, and a variety of interface capabilities.
  8. Two Technologies JETT•XL Hand Held Computer
    The JETT•XL has the PXA270 processor — designed specifically by Intel for low-power battery-powered devices, it utilizes an integrated system-on-a-chip microprocessor to deliver high performance (624 MHz). It features XScale RISC micro architecture with on-the-fly voltage and frequency scaling, and sophisticated power management to provide industry-leading MIPS/mW performance. In other words, it's fast, powerful, yet affordable.
  9. Two Technologies JETT•eye™
    Imagine new possibilities. Take digital color pictures in the field. Capture data on the go. Seamlessly connect with the office. Simultaneously increase field service productivity, improve customer service, and turbo charge your profits. All this is now possible with the JETT-eye.
  10. Witness Systems Compliance Recording Solution
    In today’s business climate, government and industry regulations, liability issues and accepted risk management practices have prompted many organizations to proactively record and archive the interactions between their customers/callers and their service agents. But capturing contacts is only one part of the compliance challenge.