Product Showcase

  1. Triversity Allegiance
    Allegiance is a powerful retail customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed to provide analytics, increase customer loyalty, and drive profitable sales through targeted marketing. The rich data mining capabilities of Allegiance enable the critical analysis needed to manage and measure customer marketing programs across all channels.
  2. eQueue Messaging
    eQueue Messaging delivers voice mail, e-mail, and fax to a common mailbox, giving contact centers and enterprises the ability to manage them using the same routing and tools used to manage live interactions.
  3. eOn Supervisor WorkSpace
    From a single interface, the eOn Supervisor WorkSpace provides contact center managers with a fully customizable set of monitoring, reporting, and administrative capabilities necessary to ensure all forms of customer contacts — voice, e-mail, and Web chat interactions — are managed efficiently and at the highest service levels.
  4. eOn Admin WorkSpace
    Whether you need to change routing parameters, make workforce adjustments or need to change an agent’s skillset, eOn Admin WorkSpace provides eQueue system engineers with powerful and easy to use administrative capabilities to allow system parameters to be configured, changed, and controlled.
  5. eQueue VoIP
    Understanding and implementing new technology can sometimes be a daunting task. eOn has simplified the choice of using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) by developing cost-effective solutions to address specific business needs. With eQueue VoIP, you can gradually add IP technology while still maintaining your traditional contact center infrastructure investments.
  6. eQueue ACD
    For over a quarter century, eOn has been a leading provider of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems. By leveraging this experience, we offer the most reliable and feature-rich ACD solution available in any multi-media contact center system offered today.
  7. ICT Group's Customer Management Solutions
    With more than 12,000 employees and 40+ contact centers worldwide, ICT Group provides comprehensive customer care/retention, acquisition, cross-selling/upselling, technical support/help desk, market research, and database marketing as well as data capture/management, claims processing, e-mail management, direct response, IVR, and hosted CRM technology solutions.
  8. Succession Communication Server 2000
    At the heart of the next-generation packet network lies the communication server, managing calls, controlling access and trunking gateways, delivering services, and functioning as the centerpiece of an open, standards-based network. The Succession Communication Server 2000 delivers all of these capabilities on a proven carrier-grade platform that provides the comprehensive services, quality, availability, and resiliency carriers and subscribers have always demanded from their networks.
  9. Media Gateway 3200
    The Nortel Media Gateway 3200 (MG 3200) Voice over IP (VoIP) trunk gateway is a small, cost-effective gateway for connecting (Public Switched Telephone Network) PSTN or (Private Branch Exchange) PBX trunks to a packet network. It offers telecommunications service providers a rapid, reliable, and cost-effective entry into next generation networks.
  10. NICE Playback Organizer
    NICE Playback Organizer is a browser-based application that provides an auditable workflow process for replaying calls. The application makes it easy for individual traders and other front- and back-office staff to find interactions of interest and then replay them directly from their own desktop once they have the approval of their desk managers and compliance officers.