Product Showcase

  1. E911 ANI/ALI Tagging System
    Automatic number identification (ANI) and automatic location identifier (ALI) is an application designed to compliment a recorder system in specific applications. The E911 ANI/ALI Tagging System appends call records with location and number information, which can be used for search and replay.
  2. NICE Perform
    The power of NICE Perform lies in the unique synergy between components that allows any user to gain insights from the interactions, and turn these insights into an exceptionally valuable source of decision-support information.
  3. Avaya 2500 Series Analog Telephones
    The Avaya 2500 Series Analog Telephones are single-line sets that are idea for a variety of locations within a business — such as your warehouse, mailroom, factory floor, reception area, and other places where reliable call handling and economy are high priority.
  4. Call Quality Calibration (CQC)
    Call Quality Calibration (CQC) transforms what may be simply a process compliance system into a valuable diagnostic tool, powered by customer insights and invaluable agent training and coaching.
  5. Envision Performance Suite
    The Envision Performance Suite provides a complete, fully-integrated set of management products for scheduling the right number of agents at the right time, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and improving their performance through targeted training.
  6. E.piphany E.6 Suite
    The E.piphany E.6 suite has delivered proven business results at hundreds of leading global companies. Offering ease of deployment and integration, low total cost of ownership, and demonstrable increases in revenue and profitability, E.piphany E.6 drives measurable and rapid ROI.
  7. RightNow Outbound™: EMail Marketing Tool

    Are you fully leveraging your customer and prospect information to grow customer relationships and increase sales?

    To take complete advantage of every email marketing opportunity, you need to deliver individualized, targeted email marketing messages to highly-qualified customers and prospects.

  8. RightNow Service™ Customer Service Software

    How would you describe the customer experience delivered by your organization whether by web, email or phone?

    Customers are putting service first. They stay with companies based on their service experience take away. If for any reason your customers feel frustrated, ignored or confused you run the risk of losing their business.

    RightNow Service was designed to enrich the customer experience, build loyalty and greatly improve your contact center efficiency while reducing costs.

  9. Celequest Activity Suite
    The award-winning Celequest Activity Suite with integrated dashboard technology, offers comprehensive capabilities not usually found with other dashboard solutions. The event-driven approach, unlike traditional batch-driven business intelligence solutions, pushes key metrics and alerts to business users as events happen, minimizing the latency between events and action.
  10. Genesys Customer Services
    Genesys Customer Services consists of four service lines – business consulting, professional services, Genesys University, and technical support. Each group is focused on a key element of success and works closely with Genesys partners to provide coordinated value-added offerings.