Supplier News

  1. Three Steps For Ensuring You Have The Right People, In The Right Place, At The Right Time

    In his seminal book “Good to Great”, Jim Collins used the analogy of filling a bus to emphasize the importance of having the right people, in the right place, at the right time.  Collins researched how companies go from being good to great and concluded the key is utilization of the right people.

  2. A Sales Paradox: Why Your Sales Force Needs Fewer Leads
    Yes, we’re seeing signs of economic recovery, but we’re not there yet. And other market trends are making it even tougher for sales teams to hit revenue goals. By Dan McDade, CEO, PointClear & Author of “The Truth About Leads” as seen in MarketingProfs August 26, 2011
  3. Speaking To Buyers' Pain Points
    Effective B2B lead generation, lead qualification and lead nurturing programs are built on a rock-solid messaging platform also known as your offer. By Dan McDade, CEO, PointClear & Author of “The Truth About Leads” as seen in MarketingProfs September 19, 2011
  4. Infor Streamlines Enterprise Data Quality Improvement With Release Of Epiphany Data Advisor
    Infor, a leading provider of business applications, recently announced the general availability of CRM Epiphany Data Advisor.
  5. Mobile CRM: Empowering The 24x7 Road Warrior
    In January and February of 2008, Aberdeen surveyed 175 companies to investigate hether the adoption of a new, more robust set of mobile applications is likely to lead ield personnel, and organizations as a whole, oward increased productivity by realizing the full potential of mobile CRM. Submitted by Aberdeen Group
  6. Policies And Advanced Directives: New Tools To Solve An Old Problem
    The use of Policies and Directives can be an invaluable asset to a workforce management professional when addressing their “unique RFP scenarios” or “long term staff planning” that require schedules that will retain employees, satisfy clients and maintain profitability. Submitted by Pipkins, Inc.
  7. Insurance And Securities Agency Streamlines Processes And Data Integration Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software
    For 45 years, Akron, Ohio-based ValMark Securities, a leading insurance brokerage agency and securities broker dealer, has provided sales, underwriting and administrative support to its network of over 300 wealth managers and insurance agents. ValMark maintains a targeted member broker and agent network that relies on ValMark’s expertise in preparing investment and insurance packages for high-net worth individuals.
  8. Integrated Contact Center Solutions For Retailers
    Retailers know that the most cost-effective way to increase revenues is to increase sales among current customers, who already know and trust the company. To realize these new sales, retailers need systems that can harvest customer information and place that information in the hands of personnel who contact customers. Submitted by Genesys
  9. Integrated Contact Center Solutions For The High Technology Industry
    Technology companies can leverage integrated contact center solutions to improve the support services that are crucial to increasing customer satisfaction, building brand awareness, enhancing customer loyalty and generating revenues. Submitted by Genesys
  10. Two Ways To Increase VoIP Revenue
    Teoma Systems responded to these challenges by changing its sales process to a team approach, which typically comprises four people: a salesperson, an engineer, a technician, and the CFO. Each person is a subject matter expert (SME) who can present Teoma Systems’ value proposition from a different angle. Submitted by Business Solutions