Product Showcase

  1. Genesys for Managed Services
    A managed services call center solution is flexible and "pay-as-you-go/on-demand" provided to enterprises by a Managed Service Provider (such as a major telecommunications service provider).
  2. Genesys Customer Interaction Management (CIM) Platform
    The Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform is the core of the Genesys suite and the next evolution in managing customer interaction processes in the contact center where customer service processing is aligned and integrated with overall business processes.
  3. Genesys Internet Contact
    Genesys Internet Contact offers companies a comprehensive solution supporting all multi-media customer communication channels including e-mail response, Web forms, chat, and immediate and scheduled call back requests via the Web and Web call through.
  4. Genesys IP Contact Center
    Genesys IP Contact Center (IPCC) delivers its current, fully-integrated contact center software suite on IP switching platforms. It is a software-only solution offering that consists of: Framework, Universal Routing Server, and reporting.
  5. Enterprise Routing Solution
    Enterprise Routing balances the delivery of an enhanced customer experience with today's necessary operational efficiencies.
  6. Genesys Outbound Contact
    Genesys Outbound Contact is an automated system for creating, modifying, running, and reporting on outbound campaigns for proactive customer contact.
  7. Genesys Workforce Management
    The Genesys Workforce Management solution is designed to provide contact center managers the tools they need to better manage their workforce by creating accurate staffing plans that take into account projected contact volumes, average handle times, and the skills and skill levels of their agent population.
  8. Genesys Voice Platform
    Genesys Voice Platform is an advanced software-only product that brings Internet technologies to the world of voice – enabling a new breed of voice self-service applications. With Voice Platform, companies can reach more customers, offer consistent, high-quality customer care and reduce the cost of customer service.
  9. Genesys Express
    Genesys Express is a family of packaged solutions that deliver pre-configured, pre-installed contact center solutions. The Genesys Express family, which leverages Genesys' experience from more than 2,500 successful contact center deployments, is part of Genesys' long-term strategy to deliver easy-to-implement, easy-to-use solutions for both small and medium businesses and divisions of large enterprises.
  10. FrontRange Contact Center
    FrontRange Contact Center allows contact centers to easily support multiple products and services and provide solutions that consistently create an extraordinary customer experience each time.